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Paraplanning Services

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 Regional Financial Solutions has a team of enthusiastic, qualified paraplanners whose aim is to deliver compliant Statement of Advice and financial planning documents in an efficient, service - driven manner.

 The paraplanning team's core role is the provision of Statement of Advice documents.  These advice documents range from simple to complex Statement of Advice Documents involving multiple strategies and structures. 

Frequently asked questions?

What are you paraplanner's qualifications?

All paraplanners in the service are ADFS qualified and have had more than 5 years experiance in paraplanning and adviser roles.

How do you ensure data security?

We will sign a confidentiality agreement with you, to ensure that you have peace of mind regarding your clients data.

What are your average timeframes for completion of SOA documents?

Our guaranteed timeframe for completion of a Statement of Advice is 4-5 days, with an average of 2-3 days currently being achieved.

What format do we provide information and data to you?

We currently can recieve your documentation to prepare by email, fax and mail.  Currently 95% of our clients email the details and the balance fax the information.

We will either upload your Statement of Advice back to the software or email you your docuements.

What templates do you use?

We have customised templates which are available, however we are happy to use your current templates if that is what you prefer.

What plannig software do you use?

We prefer to use Coin for the production of the Statement of Advice,  however if you have a special request please don't hesitate to contact us.

How much does it cost?

Please don't hesitate to contact us on paraplanning@ rfsadvice.com.au and we can discuss a pricing template based on your specific requirements.



Important Information
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